Wednesday, 2 January 2019

ESIC Pharmacist Exam Question Paper 2019 : MCQ - 1

Q. l Mini Pill contains
a) Estrogen 
b) Non Hormonal Contents
c) Progesterone 
d) Estrogen and Progesterone

Q.2 Longer use of organic nitrates in Angina pectoris cause one of the following side effect
a) Hepatotoxicity 
b) Tolerance 
c) Aplastic anemia 
d) Nepherotoxicity

Q.3 Zafirleucast is used as anti-asthmatic acts as
a) Prostaglandin antagonist 
b) Lipooxygenase Inhibitor 
c) Cyclooxygenase inhibitor
d) Leukotrine receptor antagonist

Q.4 Phloem does not contain
a) Phloem fibers 
b) Sieve-tubes 
c) Companion cells 
d) Tracheids

Q.5 Group of plants of a species which have identical morphological characters but differ in their chemical nature known as
a) Hybrids 
b) Chemodemes 
c) Polyploidy 
d) Mutation

Q.6 Which of the following is the major cause of drug instability?
a) Oxidation 
b) Photolysis 
c) Hydrolysis 
d) Racemization

Q.7 What is the unit of rate constant for zero order kinetics?
a) s-1 
b) Mol L-1s-1 
c) Mol L s-1 
d) Mol-1L-1s

Q.8 Talc is used as glidant as ?
a) 5% 
b) 10% 
c) 15% 
d) 20%

Q.9 The surface material from a tablet that is sticking to and being removed from the tablet’s surface by a punch is known as
a) Capping 
b) Lamination 
c) Sticking 
d) Picking

Q.10 Zeatin
a) Auxin 
b) Gibberlin 
c) Cytokinin 
d) Abscisic acid

Q.11 Cap Aloe is
a) Aloe Barbadensis 
b) Aloe Perryi 
c) Aloe Vera 
d) Aloe ferox

Q.12 Most toxic constituent of Red Squill is
a) Scillaren A 
b) Scillaren B 
c) Scilliroside 
d) Glucoscillaren

Q.13 Rutin is rhamanoglucoside of
a) Scopoletin 
b) Hesperitin 
c) Esculetin 
d) Quercetin

Q.14 Castor oil is
a) Non drying oil 
b) Semi drying oil 
c) Drying oil 
d) Super drying oil

Q.15 Animal wool fat is
a) Fat 
b) Lipid c) Wax d) Fixed oil

Q.16 Hyoscyamus is
a) Belladona 
b) Henbane 
c) Stramonium 
d) Duboisia

Q.17 Meuroxide test is used for identification of
a) Purine 
b) Tropane 
c) Quinoline 
d) Indole

Q.18 Gas sterilization is done by using gas
a) Ethylene oxide 
b) Formaldehyde 
c) Nitrous oxide 
d) Acetaldehyde

Q.19 Diazotization titration is not used for
a) Pyrimethamine 
b) Sulphadiazine 
c) Sulfamethoxazole 
d) Thiamine HCl

Q.20 In gas chromatography column length is
a) 5-10 meter 
b) 1-4 meter 
c) 10-15 meter 
d) 15-20 meter

Answer :

01 c 
02 b 
03 d 
04 d 
05 b 
06 a 
07 b 
08 a 
09 d 
10 c 
11 d 
12 c 
13 d 
14 b 
15 c 
16 b 
17 a 
18 a
19 d 
20 b