Friday, 4 January 2019

ESIC Pharmacist Exam Question Paper 2019 : MCQ - 2

Q.21 What is the unit of specific conductance?
a) Ohm 
b) Mho 
c) Ohm cm-1 
d) mho cm-1

Q.22 Which of the following material is not used in the stationary phase of size exclusion chromatography?
a) Dextran 
b) Agarose 
c) Polyacrylamide 
d) Polyvinyl Alcohol

Q.23 Which of the following Indicator is not used in non aqueous titration?
a) 1-Napthol benzein 
b) Diphenylamine 
c) Quanaldine Red 
d) Malachite green

Q.24 Ecuelle method is used for extraction of
a) Lemon oil 
b) Clove oil 
c) Camphor oil 
d) Palmrosa oil

Q.25 Peri-winkle is synonym of
a) Peru Balsam 
b) Ipecac 
c) Vinica 
d) Guggel

Q.26 Methylation of cephaelin is converted into
a) Emetine 
b) Hydrastine 
c) Psychotrine 
d) Ipecacuanin

Q.27 Crocin is obtained from Crocus used as
a) Coloring agent 
b) Antipyretic 
c) Antirheumatic 
d) Antidiarrhial

Q.28 Bromelain is mixture of proteolytic enzyme obtained from
a) Papaya 
b) Pine apple 
c) Peptone 
d) Bacillus subtilis

Q.29 Opium is found as a salt of …………….
a) Meconic acid 
b) Hydrochoric acid 
c) Quinic acid 
d) Sulphuric acid

Q.30 Methyl orange has pH range of
a) 8.3-10 
b) 1.2-2.9 
c) 2.8-4.9 
d) 6.8-8.4

Q.31 Male fern is collected during
a) Autumn 
b) Late autumn 
c) Summer 
d) After Summer

Q.32 When 0.1 M HCl is titrated with 0.1 M sodium hydroxide using indicator, which type of error occurs?
a) Hydrogen error 
b) Hydroxyl error 
c) Acidic error 
d) Alkaline error

Q.33 In Glass electrode, platinum wire is inserted in which of the following solution
a) 0.1 M Hydrochloric acid 
b) 0.1 M Mercuric chloride 
c) 0.1 M Potassium chloride
d) 0.1 M Potassium Bromide

Q.34 Absorption maxima goes to longer wavelength is called
a) Hypochromic shift 
b) Hyperchromic shift 
c) Blue shift 
d) Red shift

Q.35 Xenon arc lamp is source of
a) Spectrofluoremeter 
b) IR Spectrometer 
c) UV-Visible Spectrophotometer 
d) MNR

Q.36 What is unit of chemical shift?
a) Centimeter 
b) cm-1 
c) Part per million 
d) Cycle per second

Q.37 In Polarography, diffusion current is effected by
a) Nernest equation 
b) Ilkovic equation 
c) Handerson equation 
d) Gram equation

Q.38 Parathyroid gland regulates absorption of calcium. Which of the following is used in hypoparathyrodism
a) Estrogen 
b) Liothyroxine 
c) Prednisolone 
d) Dihydrotachysterol

Q.39 Which of the following drug is used in acute attacks of gout?
a) Cholchicine 
b) Probenecid 
c) Sulfinpyrazone 
d) Allopurinol

Q.40 Auranofin is used in
a) Rheumatoid Artharitis 
b) Gout 
c) Hyperglycemia 
d) Epilepsy

Answer :

 21 d 
 22 d 
 23 b 
 24 a
 25 c 
 26 a 
 27 c 
 28 b 
 29 a 
 30 c 
 31 b 
 32 d 
 33 a 
 34 d 
 35 a 
 36 c 
 37 b 
 38 d 
 39 a 
 40 a