Tuesday, 8 January 2019

ESIC Pharmacist Exam Question Paper 2019 : MCQ - 4

Q.61 Which of the following is used reference in Electron Spin Resonance?
a) Tetra methyl silane 
b) Dimethyl formamide 
c) Di hidro phenyl ……ziricon (DPPH)
d) Trimethyl silane

Q.62 What is full form of ICH
a) International Council of Hormone 
b) Indian Conference of Harmonization
c) International conference of Harmonization 
d) International conference of humanity

Q.63 Which of the following is not related to ICH guideline?
a) Quality 
b) Cost 
c) Efficacy 
d) Potency

Q.64 Pertusis potency is standardized by
a) 3+3 assay 
b) Factorial assay 
c) Potency is determined by ELISA Test
d) Potency is determined in fowl

Q.65 For Cancer cell line culture a HAT nutrient media is required. What is HAT?
a) Hypoxanthine, Amthopterin, Thymidine 
b) Hydroxyuracil, Aminoacid, Thymidine
c) Hypoxanthine, Aminopterin, Thymine 
d) Hypoxanthine, Amthopterin, Thymine

Q.66 Which of the following does not contain mitochondria?
a) Flatten fungi 
b) Bacteria 
c) Protozoa 
d) Yeast

Q.67 Which one of the following is mechanism of Ranitidine?
a) Prostaglandin release 
b) Stimulate gastrin release 
c) Stimulate histamine release
d) Inhibit gastric acid secretion

Q.68 Which of the following is side effect of Cimetidine?
a) Diarrhea 
b) Constipation 
c) Inhibition of hepatic enzyme 
d) none of these

Q.69 Which of the following ion is involved spore formation ?
a) Fe2+ 
b) Fe3+ 
c) Zn2+ 
d) Ca2+

Q.70 Southren blot is used for sequencing of neucleotide in probe for
a) Hybridization of DNA molecule 
b) Hybridization of Protein molecule
c) Hybridization of RNA molecule 
d) Hybridization of Glycoside molecule

Q.71 Fluted bottles are used to pack
a) Syrup 
b) Ointment 
c) Linctus 
d) Mouth washes

Q.72 Which of the following is used in scintillation detector ?
a) Sodium bromide 
b) Naphthlene 
c) Anthracene 
d) Lead sulphate

Q.73 Which of the following is incorrect about Innate Immunity?
a) Non specific 
b) Invade Foreign microorganism 
c) provide immunity which is not affected by infection 
d) Give active immunity

Q.74 Black fluid is
a) Homogenous coaltar acid solution 
b) Suspension of activated charcoal 
c) Cresol with soap solution 
d) Non of these

Q.75 Restriction endonuclease is used in recombinant DNA technology in …………reaction
a) Type I 
b) Type II 
c) Type III 
d) Type III

Q.76 What is the weight of rectal suppository?
a) 3-5 g 
b) 4 g 
c) 2 g 
d) 6 g

Q.77 Fusogen used in hybridoma of monoclonal Antibodies
a) Polyethylene glycol 
b) Tweeen 40 
c) SDS 
d) Tween 80

Q.78 Prophase generation in DNA ligase
a) ϕ T4 bacteriophase 
b) Virus 
c) Bacteria 
d) Fungi

Q.79 Engulfment of memberanous organ is done with
a) Lysosome 
b) Endoplasmic reticulum 
c) Mesosome 
d) Golgi apparatus

Q.80 Which of the following release cytolytic T4 prolierating cells that is used in cancer
a) IL1 
b) IL6 
c) IL8 
d) IL2

Answer :

61 c
62 c
63 b
64 c
65 a
66 b
67 d
68 c
69 d
70 a
71 d
72 d
73 c
74 a
75 b
76 c
77 a
78 a
79 c
80 d