ESIC Pharmacist Exam Question Paper 2019 : MCQ - 5

Q.81 Which is not serological species of Vibrio cholera
a) Inaba 
b) Ogava 
c) Hejikoma 
d) Saukton

Q.82 10-11 epoxide is metabolic product of
a) Phenytoin 
b) Carbamezapine 
c) Valproic acid 
d) Ethusuximide

Q.83 Dissociation constant of acid is written as
a) Ka 
b) pKa 
c) pH 
d) Kb

Q.84 Noyes witteny equation is used for study of
a) Dissolution rate 
b) Disintegration rate 
c) Dissociation rate 
d) Difusion rate

Q.85 Enzyme Trypsin is used as
a) D 
b) E 
c) Nourshing the cell 
d) Deattachment of cell

Q.86 Which of the following organism is used in heterogenous fermentation of lactic acid?
a) Leuconostoc mesentride 
b) Lactobacillus Bulgaricus 
c) Bacillus oriza 
d) Bacillus cereus

Q.87 Human Immuno Virus (HIV) is
a) Enveloped DNA 
b) Non enveloped DNA 
c) Enveloped RNA 
d) non enveloped RNA

Q.88 Maximum absorption of drug in gastrointestinal tract is achieved by
a) Facillated diffusion 
b) Active diffusion 
c) Active transport 
d) Passive diffusion

Q.89 Which of the following drug is MAO-B inhibitor?
a) Selegiline
 b) Dopamine 
c) Adrenaline 
d) Isoprenaline

Q.90 Which of the following drug is similar to Carbidopa in pharmacological category?
a) Levodopa 
b) Bromocriptine 
c) Amantadine 
d) Beneserazide

Q.91 What is primary site of action for spironolactone and triameterine?
a) Proximal tubule 
b) Acending tube of henle 
c) Descending tube of henle
d) distal collecting tubule

Q.92 Partial hydrolysis of starch with dilute acid will produce
a) Chitin 
b) Dextrin 
c) Sumerin 
d) glucose

Q.93 most of the drugs will bind with which of the following plasma protein?
a) Albumin 
b) Globulin 
c) histone 
d) Glycoprotein

Q.94 Plain vaccine is
a) Vaccine with single species 
b) vaccine without adjuvant
c) Vaccine with adjuvant 
d) Synonym of monovalent vaccine

Q.95 Competition in replication is effected by
a) Calcium and heat 
b) Zinc and heat 
c) Calcium without heat 
d) Zinc without heat

Q.96 Effective dose of radiation in tissue is measured with
a) Rontgen 
b) REM 
c) RBE 
d) Radiation per unit

Q.97 Pemidronate is used in
a) Pegat’s disease 
b) Menneir’s disease 
c) Hodkin’s disease 
d) Cushing’s disease

Q.98 Dissolution control absorption of drug through membrane is
a) Less than 0.1 mg 
b) 0.1 mg 
c) 1 mg 
d) 2 mg

Q.99 In Prophase, the phage vectors are used to transduction of recombinant of phase genome
a) Virus 
b) Enzyme 
c) Bacteria 
d) Vectors are bacteriophase T7 and lamda (λ)

Q.100  Which one of the following alkaloids is derived from Lysine?

a) Emetine     
b) Chelidonine     
c) Lobeline     
d) Stachydrine

Answer :

81 d
82 b
83 a
84 a
85 d
86 b
87 c
88 d
89 a
90 d
91 d
92 b
93 a
94 b
95 a
96 c
97 a
98 a
99 d
100 c