ESIC Pharmacist Exam Question Paper 2019 : MCQ - 3

Q.41 Which of the following drug is similar to Acarbose in classification
a) Tolbutamide 
b) Glipizide 
c) Miglitol 
d) Pioglitazoneg

Q.42 Propyl thiouracil is similar to one of the following drug in pharmacological action?
a) Azothioprine 
b) Chlormbucil 
c) Methimazole 
d) Acyclovir

Q.43 Which of the following is pure opioid antagonist?
a) Butorphanol 
b) Nelbupine 
c) Buprenorphine 
d) Naloxone

Q.44 Which of following drug causes maximum dependence?
a) Diethylmorphine 
b) Diacetylmorphine 
c) Dimethylmorphine 
d) Diphenoxylate

Q.45 Latanoprost has one of the following mechanism of action in glaucoma
a) Miosis 
b) Prostaglandin analogues 
c) Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor 
d) Decrease formation of aqueous hamour.

Q.46 Lawson is obtained from
a) Gymnema 
b) Liquorice 
c) Dioscorea 
d) Henna

Q.47 Which one of the following is used as Osmatic purgative?
a) Milk of magnesia 
b) Senna 
c) Extract of rubarb 
d) Aluminium hydroxide gel

Q.48 4 in 10, 000 is calculated as
a) 4 % 
b) 0.04 % 
c) 0.4 % 
d) 40%

Q.49 Sodium picrate is used for identification of
a) Cyanogenic glycoside 
b) Isocyanate glycoside 
c) Flavanol 
d) Anthracene

Q.50 What portion of oxygen is present in 12% hydrogen peroxide?
a) 20 
b) 40 
c) 60 
d) 100

Q.51 Vapour pressure of propellant for aerosols are calculated from
a) Boyal’s law 
b) Fick’s law 
c) Stoke’s law 
d) Dalton’s law

Q.52 Sedimentation rate of suspension is studied by
a) Boyal’s law 
b) Fick’s law 
c) Stoke’s law 
d) Dalton’s law

Q.53 Multi point viscometer that is used to determine viscosity
a) Ostwald Viscometer 
b) Capillary Viscometer 
c) Falling ball Viscometer
d) Cup and Bob Viscometer

Q.54 To study the stress and rate of shear, the phenomenon of converting gel to sol is known as
a) Plastic flow 
b) Pseudo plastic flow 
c) Thixotropy 
d) Dilatant flow

Q.55 What is pore size in membrane filter?
a) 0.5 μm 
b) 0.22 μm 
c) 0.45 μm 
d) 0.1 μm

Q.56 Exotoxins are
a) are pyrogens 
b) are water solble and can pass through proteinous layer
c) are lipopolysachharide, protein 
d) are much less toxic to endotoxin

Q.57 Cetrimide is
a) Cationic surfactant 
b) Anionic surfactant 
c) Nonionic surfactant
d) Amphiophilic surfactant

Q.58 Smallest size of capsule most widely used is
a) 0 
b) 5 
c) 1 
d) 000

Q.59 Homologous series in hydrocarbons are determined by
a) Rf Value 
b) Rx Value 
c) Rm Value 
d) Rt Value

Q.60 Sodium methoxide is standardized by
a) Oxallic acid 
b) Perchloric acid 
c) Acetic acid 
d) Benzoic acid


41 c
42 c
43 d
44 b
45 b
46 d
47 a
48 b
49 a
50 b
51 d
52 c
53 d
54 b
55 b
56 b
57 a
58 b
59 a
60 d